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Private Investment Bankers

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Private Investment Bankers

EquiCap Partners is an investment banking firm that provides advisory and intermediary services to owners of privately held companies. The firm serves its clients with the following specialty service disciplines:

Turnaround Advisory: When the uncomfortable situation arrives to take serious measures to save the company, EquiCap has the talent and experience to aggressively assist the owners in righting the ship. We combine strategy, financial skills and operating actions to create the results. EquiCap can help. The earlier the better.

Company Sales: When the shareholders of corporations have made the decision to sell the company, EquiCap has excellent systems and expertise to generate multiple offers to ensure the selling shareholders of optimal price, terms and cultural fit.

Acquisition Search: To serve the needs of serious acquirers, EquiCap can uncover and present a steady stream of qualified, preconditioned target candidates that fit defined acquisition criteria. EquiCap uses a highly proactive approach that generates results.

Corporate Finance: Privately held companies need growth debt and equity capital similar to public companies. But the access to capital for private companies is different. The capital source market is fragmented. And the transaction structures are uniquely crafted to each specific deal. EquiCap has broad access to capital sources and many years experience in creating and engineering deals that work.

EquiCap’s clients are typically the owners of established mid to larger privately held companies.

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